2011 Annual Meeting at the Field Museum of Natural History

This meeting concentrated on reviewing preliminary morphological and molecular cladograms for our two target taxa (Cardiidae and Veneridae “clade B”) and making plans for completing data capture and producing publishable manuscripts. Following the meeting, Jan Johan ter Poorten, Nat Herrera (lower left), and André Sartori (lower right) worked in the Museum’s Invertebrate Division on coding and resolving taxonomic issues.

BiTS 2011 Annual meeting

Participants at the Third Annual BiTS Meeting in Chicago, October 17-18, 2011 (left to right): Jan Johan ter Poorten, Rüdiger Bieler, Nathanael Herrera, Nick Matzke, David Jablonski, Scott Steppan, Paula Mikkelsen, and André Sartori.

Jan Johan ter Poorten and Nat Herrera André Sartori